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I’m Rachel Charles and I have spent the last 18 years helping people make changes in their lives whilst going through the Criminal Justice System. This was fulfilling, but many people were not ready and only engaged because it was part of their punishment. I wanted to work with people who were in a state of readiness and not seeing change as an imposition and so I decided to consolidate my skills and experience and train and qualify as a self development life coach. One of the best decisions I ever made.

I feel passionate about helping people live the lives they have chosen and empowering them to make empowering choices. I have been there and know the difficulty of choosing a path different to that mapped out for you or different to those you love. I also know how fulfilling and freeing it is when you begin living life on your own terms. I love seeking out that ‘thing’ we all have in us that makes us tick, and working with and supporting people to make it grow. I love working with people who need that extra push to be themselves and do that thing they always wanted to do, without the guilt of putting themselves first. I’m there right now, the juggling life… the work/life, work/business, work/mum, business/mum life… and I can help you through it!

Self development is the business of changing your thinking and therein changing your life. Through my training I have been privileged to work with individuals worldwide, from the UK to Canada and New Zealand to the USA helping them shape their destiny and push past their fears. I have also worked with organisations within the UK such as the YMCA, holding workshops for their team leaders and employees.

My motto is Plan, Prepare, Perform, Play. I’ll help you plan your path, prepare your mind for success, perform at your best and celebrate your achievements as you have fun along your journey of growth!


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